OrgaLED® LED Strips

The OrgaLED® System consists of several high quality, flexible PCB, Top, Side and Diffuse LED strips in IP20-IP69. The combination of high quality and exceptional flexibility, allows for endless indoor and outdoor applications.

The OrgaLED® LED strips are available in a wide range of (diffuse) LED strips (up to 66ft) in various luminous intensities. The colours run from 2000K up to 6500K, RGB, red, green, blue and amber. Besides a LED strip series with a higher luminous flux (1,174 lm/ft), the LED strip assortment also contains a tunable range.

*Order the Top, Side or Diffuse LED strips with the unique pre-assembled (mirror welded) connector for an instant IP68 (or IP69K for Diffuse LED strips) usage.

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OrgaLED LED Strips

LED Strip DiffuseLED Strip TopLED Strip SideLED Strip PCB
ApplicationOutdoor, submersibleOutdoor, submersibleOutdoor, submersible, curvesIndoor, small spaces
NotesNo extrusion included, flexible diffusingIP67/IP68 with optional waterproofing. Needs extrusion to diffuse light.IP67/IP68 with optional waterproofing. Directional light 60 degree beam.Needs extrusion to diffuse light.
Beam AngleSymmetric 110 DegreeSymmetric 110 DegreeAsymmetric 55 Degree
Diffuse StripsTop StripsSide StripsPCB Strips