OrgaLED® Side

liniled strip side horiz

The OrgaLED® Side LED strip (IP40/IP68) is a high-quality, flexible LED strip with a unique co-extrusion technology. Due to the built-in reflection, an optimal light effect from the side is guaranteed. Therefore the OrgaLED® Side LED strips are ideal for indoor and outdoor usage in round shaped coves, around pillars, etc. Available in various luminous intensities and colours.

The OrgaLED® Side LED strips can be pre-assembled with the mirror welded connector (11291) for an instant waterproof (IP68 submersible) usage. In addition, the LED strips can be connected with the OrgaLED® Side Connector Set (IP40) or in combination with the factory weatherproof solder (011508) for an IP67 solution.

OrgaLED Side

SpecsDecoPowerHigh PowerPhotonTunable WhiteRGB
Power Rating0.33 - 1.34 W/ft1.25 - 2.5 W/ft2.5 - 2.7 W/ft2.4 - 3.2 W/ft3.2 W/ft1.4 - 2.2 W/ft
Light Output3.9 - 28 lm/ft12 - 98 lm/ft152 - 170 lm/ft212 - 254 lm/ft207 lm/ft8.8 - 15 lm/ft
Beam Angle555555555555
Run Length66 ft33 ft33 ft29.5 ft29.5 ft16.4 - 33 ft
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