FortaCast Awarded 4th Place Out of the 28 Shortlisted for the 2023 [d]arc Awards – Kit Exterior

We are very excited to announce that our FortaCast drive-over inground lighting fixture has been awarded 4th place out of the hand picked 28 shortlisted for [d]arc Awards-“Kit: Exterior” category.  A Special thanks to the designers and architects who voted for us. You made this possible!

Organic Lighting’s revolutionary buriable polymer concrete FortaCast lighting fixtures overcome all the limitations of drive-over lighting. The structural, self-supporting fixtures can be installed in roadways, paths or stonework. FortaCast’s modular sections lock together to form continuous illuminated straight or curved lines of light capable of supporting up to 10,000 PSI. Encapsulated, IP68 submersible LED’s are flood and typhoon proof and are replaceable from a patented clamshell access unit at the end of a run.



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Organic Lighting’s FortaCast Drive-over Inground Lighting