FortaCast® Drive-Over Lighting

The Perfect Solution

Overcoming the high cost and limitations of drive-over lines of light is now easy with Organic Lighting’s patented revolutionary polymer concrete FortaCast® fixtures.

  • No secondary housing or complex and costly installation.
  • Structural self-supporting fixtures can be installed with the ease of installing pavers.


  • Interlocking paver-style installation in continuous straight or curved lines.
  • Driver-over 10,000 psi.
  • No secondary housings.
  • Pave or concrete pour up to the fixtures.
  • Future proof and easily maintainable without removing individual lenses or closing off the area.
  • Exterior and Interior models.


‘Aqueon’ 24VDC IP68 Flexible continuous LED strip with submersible IP68 molded connectors, specially designed for harsh environments.

  • Very low energy.
  • All colors DMX Programmable, Streaming digital pixel models.


Organic, Eco friendly and recyclable; Low carbon footprint

FortaCast Inspiration Brochure
Specification Sheet
FortaCast Specifier Brochure
Installation Guide

Drive-Over Road Sweeper Test

PreCast Options

Blanco Smooth is an extra fine stock finish and the standard. See other Precast Options for custom choices.

Precast Options