Linear Safety Railroad Track Illumination

The Perfect Solution

Rail-Light is a high-quality patented aluminum fixture with a unique co-extruded OrgaLED® LED strip. Thanks to its special design, the Rail-Light emits a floodlight effect, making walking paths perfectly visible at night. The combination of high quality, energy efficiency and minimal light pollution creates a new lighting experience in the railroad industry.

Maximum Safety Without Light Pollution

Ideally suited for any rail siding where safety is a must. The grazing light creates a shadow so that obstacles are clearly visible. Due to the light distribution, the walkway next to the track is well lit without disturbing passers-by and local residents.The combination of a robust fixture with a high-quality light source results in a solid and reliable fixture in a harsh railway environment.


Rail-Light is a luminaire with an aluminum housing that is attached to the outside of the train tracks. Rail-Light makes traditional lighting on railroads and sidings unnecessary. A new era of enlightenment for the railroads has started. Rail-Light creates a light effect without light pollution and creates a visible path at night that ensures safety on the site. The vibration resistant components ensure a long product life. With its length of 6.56 feet (connectable up to 295 ft!) Rail-Light is quick and easy to install. The Rail-Light fixture has been specially developed for placement in the rail.

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