OrgaLED® PCB Photon


  • Very Flexible (Bend Radius >1.2″)
  • 24V DC – Low Voltage, Class 2
  • Continuous Runs – Up to 33ft
  • High Density – 9 LEDs per Cuttable Section
  • Dimmable
  • IP20 – Ideal for Indoor Applications
  • Field cuttable 1.96″
  • 5 Years / 50,000 hrs Warranty

OrgaLED PCB Photon 1200

The OrgaLED® PCB Photon LED strip (IP20) is a high quality, flexible LED strip equipped with 3M double sided tape. Thanks to its small dimensions the PCB LED strip is ideal for usage in small (indoor) spaces. Available in the colors: 2000K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K.

TemperatureColorOutputWattageDimensionPart Number
2700K306 lm/ft1.8W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061101
3000K324 lm/ft1.8 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061102
4000K360 lm/ft1.8W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061104
5000K351lm/ft1.8 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061105
6500K345.6 lm/ft1.8 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061106

OrgaLED PCB Photon 2000

TemperatureColorOutputWattageDimensionPart Number
2700K510 lm/ft3 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061201
3000K540 lm/ft3 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061202
4000K600 lm/ft3 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061204
5000K585 lm/ft3 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061205
6500K576 lm/ft3 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061206

OrgaLED PCB Photon 3000

TemperatureColorOutputWattageDimensionPart Number
2700K782 lm/ft4.6 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061301
3000K828 lm/ft4.6 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061302
4000K920 lm/ft4.6 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in 061304
5000K897 lm/ft4.6 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061305
6500K883.2 lm/ft4.6 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061306

OrgaLED PCB Photon 4000

TemperatureColorOutputWattageDimensionPart Number
2700K986 lm/ft5.8 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061401
3000K1044 lm/ft5.8 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061402
4000K1160 lm/ft5.8 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061404
5000K1160 lm/ft5.8 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061405
6500K1113.6 lm/ft5.8 W/ft0.31 x 0.043 in061406

Power Supplies

20-W-300W | 120-277V AC | Constant Voltage

Mounting & Extrusions

Mounts directly with brackets, self adhesive transparent channels, or in aluminum extrusions.