The OrgaLED® PCB LED strip (IP20) is a flexible LED strip equipped with 3M double sided tape without the unique co-extrusion technology. The OrgaLED® PCB LED strip is ideal to use in small indoor spaces. Indoor use only. Available in various luminous intensities and colors. Available in the colors: 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, Red, Green, Blue, and Amber.

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SpecsDecoPowerHigh PowerPhotonTunable WhiteRGB
Wattage0.33 - 1.34 W/ft1.25 - 2.5 W/ft2.5 - 2.7 W/ft2.4 - 8.8 W/ft0.31 - 12.6 W/ft1.4 - 2.2 W/ft
Light Output8-43 lm/ft20-155 lm/ft223-263 lm/ft305-1173 lm/ft365-1158 lm/ft48 - 71 lm/ft
Beam Angle120120120120120120
Run Length66 ft33 ft33 ft29.5 ft29.5 ft16 - 33 ft
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New OrgaLED PCB (coming soon)

Deco | Power | High Power

  • 24V DC – Low Voltage, Class 2
  • Very Flexible (Bend Radius >1.2in)
  • High Efficacy
  • High Density
  • Up to 33ft Continuous Runs
  • 27K, 30K, 35K, 40K, 50K
  • Field Cuttable 1.96in
  • 8 LED per Cuttable Section
  • IP40; IP67 We Location
  • UL Listed / CE / ROHS
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