Organic Lighting Systems®

Our History and Origins


We are solutions driven to integrate flexible LED lighting in to architecture to create unique applications, which embrace simplicity, efficiency and creativity.

Organic Lighting, was created in 2002 as a sister company to Orgatech Lighting to focus exclusively on color changing LED lighting and in 2009 with the advent of white LEDs became the first to introduce professional quality flexible lighting strips in the USA. As LEDs advance, so too our mission, which is to create new smart applications in illumination.

Our LED products continue our reputation for endurance and meaningful architectural design. Enhanced with inbuilt technology and controls designed to simplify specification and installation, while meeting superior illumination standards and worldclass specifications.

Our Innovative Team

Laurence St. Ives

Design and Development

Michael Biangco

Head of Engineering

Isabelle St. Ives

National Sales Manager

Kimberly Rowlands

Account Manager

Abla Moubayed

Purchasing & Admin

Sarah Labrecque

Graphic Designer

Ruben Alvarez

Design Engineer

Michael Atherley

Applications Engineer

Our Location

We’re based in Riverside, California, but work with companies worldwide.

12203 Magnolia Ave, Suite 1
Riverside, CA 92503 USA

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