OrgaLED® Controllers & Dimmers

The OrgaLED® System can be controlled easily with OrgaLED® Controllers and Dimmers. Whether you want to install the OrgaLED®System in a public area, a private residence or a large theatre, there is a OrgaLED® solution for every environment.

The OrgaLED® System is completed with the OrgaLED® Accessories. By offering a complete range of ‘Plug & Play’ products, the OrgaLED® System is user friendly and easy to compose for your project. In this category, you’ll find all required products which are needed when installing and connecting the OrgaLED® LED strips and OrgaLED® lighting fixtures.

Dimmable LED Controllers (DMX Controller)

LINEARdrive DC is a constant voltage LED driver with multiple LED outputs that are controlled over four channels. It is targeted at larger networked and smaller standalone installations that require dimmable, low-power full-color static or dynamic LED lighting.
LINEARdrive DC is DALI, DMX/RDM, LedSync and 0-10V compatible.
ImageDescriptionWattagePart Number
LINEARdrive DC, 100W, DMX/DALI/0-10V, 4 control channels, constant voltage, 4x LED outputs100W011343
LINEARdrive DC, 180W, DMX/DALI/0-10V, 4 control channels, constant voltage, 4x LED outputs180W011344
LINEARdrive DC, 720W, DMX/DALI/0-10V, 4 control channels, constant voltage, 4x LED outputs720W011345
Data Sheet

DMX Control Keypad DE3

The feature rich lighting controller has been designed to provide a control solution for the most demanding of projects, whilst maintaining an easy to use panel of touch sensitive buttons. The controller integrates a graphical color screen allowing scene photos to be displayed. Easily view the selected zone, scene name and design without the need to navigate through complex menus. Change the speed, color and dimmer using the circular palette. The lighting levels, color and effects can be programmed from a PC, Mac, Android, iPad or iPhone using the included software.
Image/SpecsDescriptionPart Number
DMX Control Touch Keypad DE3011410
RJ45 to connector block converter for power+DMXRJ2BLOCK
6-7v AC/DC Power SupplyPOWER4M
Spec Sheet

DMX 512-SPI Decoder


  • Input voltage: 5-24VDC
  • Input: DMX512 signal & RF (Customized)
  • Output: SPI signal
  • Working temperature: -22°F~131°F (-30 ̊C ~ 55 ̊C)
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 4.5 x 1.89 x 2.63in(115×48×67mm)
  • Weight: 0.23lbs (102g)

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DMX 512-SPI Decoder Spec Sheet

Compatible with kinds of digital IC LED strip.

DMX mode, it can work as DMX decoder with standard DMXS12 compliant interface, DMX address can be set easily and shown on the digital numeric display.

Stand-alone mode, it can work as SPI controller, have 32 kinds dynamic mode, adjustable speed and brightness.

RF mode, it matches with our RGB remoter, it also can be controlled by mobile phone through WiFi-Relay controller.

DiGidot C4 Extended Controller


  • Up to 8 universes (4.096 channels)

  • Supports more than 59 protocols

  • Art-Net + DMX in & out

  • Art-Net/DMX recording & playback

  • Analog & digital triggers

  • Compact size

  • Wide voltage range (5-24 V DC)

  • Easy to connect

  • Web interface & free App

  • Reliable & easy to use

Documents & Downloads

Digidot C4 Extended Spec Sheet

The DiGidot C4 Extended combines all the DiGidot C4 Live features but includes many more powerful features such as recording, a scene generator, playlists, triggering functions, etc.

The DiGidot C4 Extended is the perfect solid state stand-alone controller. The DiGidot C4 supports more than 59 SPI protocols and many other industry standard lighting control protocols. We’re constantly updating and improving our compatibility by adding new protocols you our system.

DiGidot PXLNET Transmitter


  • Connects directly to DiGidot C4 IO port
  • Converts SPI and DMX TTL to PxLNet and DMX respectively
  • Flexible operating voltage from 12 to 24 V DC
  • 4 isolated RJ45 bus ports for PxLNet
  • Built in power supply for DiGidot C4
  • Can be used with any third-party SPI controller

The DiGidot PxLNet Transmitter is a data range extender that converts SPI signals to the DiGidot PxLNet protocol.

PxLNet is used to transmit SPI signals to receiver modules up to 250 meters away.

You can also use the PxLNet Transmitter to convert DMX TTL (which can be selected as output protocol in the DiGidot C4) to regular and balanced DMX512. This allows you the get four DMX universes out of the DiGidot C4 instead of two.