OrgaRail Illuminated Handrails Light the Way at Paradise Pier Hotel

Part of WDI’s re-imagining of the Paradise Pier Hotel into the Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Anaheim Resorts, Organic Lighting’s OrgaRail Illuminated Handrail System is an integral part of the design; Eliminating the use of overhead lighting fixtures, that would both block the views of the nightly fireworks displays and create unwelcoming glare. OrgaRail Illuminated Handrail seamlessly integrates into the Pixel Pool and Rooftop deck; Emitting a welcoming glow that is glare-free, enhances accessibility and ensures safe pathway illumination with unparalleled uniformity.


Products: Organic Lighting’s OrgaRail


Pixel Pool at the Paradise Pier Hotel /Disney Resorts | Anaheim, CA

Lighting Design : Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI)

EC : Morrow Meadows