FortaCast Set to be Launched in the UK at the Light 23 Conference

Organic Lighting Systems, Inc. is set to brighten the UK market with the introduction of their innovative FortaCast® linear drive-over lighting system at the Light 23 conference and exhibition. This pioneering made in the USA product by Organic Lighting Systems is designed to masterfully address the limitations of traditional inground linear lighting fixtures, while also offering cost-effective installation and enhanced reliability. FortaCast® boasts an impressive ability to withstand the rigorous demands of high traffic roadway conditions and offers unparalleled flexibility, as it can be crafted in both curvilinear and straight formations to suit a variety of aesthetic and functional needs.

The fixtures are cast from sustainable and recyclable precast polymer concrete without any metal components. The system is delivered in interconnecting one meter (3.38ft) sections to be installed in the ground as interlocking pavers to form any length of run.

The patented designs include a unique cavity with miniature rollers which enables a flexible light of up to 30m (96ft) to be inserted from one end after installation, which also enables future lighting replacement without dismantling lenses or closing off traffic to the area.


Products: Organic Lighting’s FortaCast


Willow Street Plaza Art in Public Places | Illuminated Inground Application | Fort Collins, CO

Lighting Design by Clanton & Associates

Landscape Architecture by BHA Design