OrgaLED® Top Power


  • Binning +/- 50k
  • Dimmable
  • UV, frost, seawater & chlorine vapor resistant
  • Effective heat dissipation
  • Life > 50,000 hours (LM79)
  • Very flexible (bend radius > 1.2″)
  • Available in long lengths

OrgaLED Top Power

The OrgaLED® Top Power LED strip is the perfect choice for large coves and washing ceilings in large commercial spaces and retail interiors, combining the best in performance and energy efficiency. Suitable for exterior or interior, OrgaLED® Power is the most energy-efficient LED strip on the market, at only 1.3w per ft, which reduces the number of drivers required and cost of installation. Dimmable with 0-10v; wireless Bluetooth; or select direct 120V-277V dimmable drivers. Available in the colors: 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K.

TemperatureColorOutputWattageRun LengthDimensionPart Number
2400K116 lm/ft1.37 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011857
2700K126 lm/ft1.4 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011598
3000K116 lm/ft1.3 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011600
4000K125 lm/ft1.3 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011599
6500K130 lm/ft1.28 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011609
Red41.75 lm/ft2.53 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011860
Green49.37 lm/ft1.49 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011862
Blue18.59 lm/ft2.2 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011861
Amber23.49 lm/ft2.53 W/ft33 ft0.25 x 0.50 in011863


OrgaLED Diffuse offers a range of Mirror Welded IP69 connections to suit your every need.

Power Supplies

24V DC; 0-10V and Magnetic Power Supplies options ranging from 25W-300W.

Mounting & Extrusions

Mounts directly with brackets, self adhesive transparent channels, or in aluminum extrusions.

OrgaLED Top Power Projects