New OrgaLED® Co-Extrusion Distinguishes Itself in the LED Strip Market

Organic Lighting is continuously working on the further development of the OrgaLED® Product Family. In response to a need for more lumen output, we launched two new products lines, OrgaLED® POWER-WHITE and OrgaLED® PSP (Power Short Pitch). Now we’ve managed to further improve light quality with the new and improved co-extrusion for it´s OrgaLED® Top LED strip.

OrgaLED Top DECO, POWER-WHITE & PSP are now supplied with a new co-extrusion. This renewed co-extrusion has a hollow chamber, which ensures that there is no pressure or stress exerted on the LED. The strip is even more flexible and also has a smoother surface. The new hollow chamber added to the strip has a positive influence on the light emission of  the OrgaLED® Top LED strip, so the quality of the light is even better. With this new co-extrusion OrgaLED distinguishes itself again as a unique product within the LED strip market.

The left image shows a line drawing of the former co-extrusion and the right image shows the innovative co-extrusion with the hollow chamber. The renewed co-extrusion can be used with our standard OrgaLED connector sets.

The following specifications will remain the same as the
current OrgaLED® Top LED strip:

  • Beam Angle
  • Dimensions
  • Degree of protection
  • Material
  • Bend Radius