OrgaLED® Diffuse Side


  • Only 2.7 W/ft
  • Dimmable
  • Osram LEDs
  • Side (asymmetric)
  • Life > 50,000 hours (LM79)
  • Very flexible (bend radius > 5.9″)

OrgaLED® Diffuse

Suitable for exterior or interior, OrgaLED® Diffused uses 2.7W per ft. Mount directly with brackets, self-adhesive transparent channels, or aluminum extrusions. OrgaLED® Top enables vertical bends and OrgaLED® Side enables horizontal curves for circular coves or columns.

Dimmable with 0-10v; wireless Bluetooth; or select direct 120V dimmable drivers. Choose Top bending or Side bending to meet the unique requirements of your installation.

OrgaLED Diffuse Side Bending 0.5"

The OrgaLED® Side Diffuse LED strips are available in the colors: 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K.
TemperatureColorOutputWattageRun LengthDimensionPart Number
2400K31.10 lm/ft2.8 W/ft33 ft0.70" x 0.50"011819
2700K34.45 lm/ft2.8 W/ft33 ft0.70" x 0.50"011820
3000K30.79 lm/ft2.8 W/ft33 ft0.70" x 0.50"011821
4000K35.37 lm/ft2.8 W/ft33 ft0.70" x 0.50"011822
6500K35.37 lm/ft2.8 W/ft33 ft0.70" x 0.50"011823

Power Supplies

20W-300W | 120-277V AC | Constant Voltage

Mounting & Extrusions

Mounts directly with brackets, self adhesive transparent channels, or in aluminum extrusions.