OrgaLED® – Installation And Mounting Solutions

Within the OrgaLED® range there are various mounting solutions for both flat and curved surfaces.The tough but highly flexible co-extruded jacket protects LED’s and provides an outstanding solution for emphasizing building outlines or room contours both indoors or outdoors. Mounted in coves or recesses with long uninterrupted runs of up to 66ft and field cuttable every 8”, OrgaLED® is available with a choice of self-adhesive clear mounting channel or screw on saddle clips. Extensive accessories include a selection of aluminum extrusions for mounting OrgaLED® in walls, floors or ceilings with optics to create uninterrupted lines of diffused light and extrusions for mounting on stairs or beneath cabinetry.

The OrgaLED® U-Profile is suitable for linear installation. This profile can be fixed by using screws or the double-sided tape on the back. Simply press OrgaLED® into the U-Profile.

If you want to install OrgaLED® on a curved surface, you can use the OrgaLED® Saddle, including a tie wrap. A good installation on every surface can be realized. Besides these installation options, we also provide a wide range of aluminum profiles to create decorative light lines. For illuminating stairs we offer aluminum profiles for both direct and indirect lighting.