OrgaLED® – Also Durable For Outside

LED lighting is a hot topic within the subject “sustainability”, but the impact of LED lighting goes far beyond the useful application used indoors. With the proper use of LED lighting, the unique elements of a building or residence can be accentuated, attention can be drawn to certain places, or it can even provide safety.For the application of LED lighting outside, the range of OrgaLED® products from Organic Lighting offers many possibilities.

With care and attention for design, the interior of a building or company is designed. By using LED light outside these two will be united. In achieving this you want a product that, besides durability, also guarantees quality and longevity. OrgaLED® has a range of products with an IP68 rating when using a special cast joint, and therefore ideally suited for outside use.

The OrgaLED® Pis designed to create diffuse light lines which can be integrated into a floor or pavement. By making use of stainless steel profiles and IP68 connectors, these casted light lines are very suitable for public applications. OrgaLED® is available in OrgaLED® DECO, OrgaLED® POWER-WHITEAvailable in the colors Warm White 2700K and 3000K, Natural White 4000K and Cold White 6500K. In the Deco series these are also available in RGB and MONOCOLORS.