Organic Lighting Introduces PreCast Drive-over Inground Lighting

Until now you couldn’t do this! Organic’s patent pending Inground PreCast lighting revolutionizes and simplifies drive over lighting. Continuous lines, Bending reality, Curving creativity and creating architectural design freedom to meet your imagination.

Inground PreCast lines enable cities to easily create and install new low energy sustainable lighting to indicate bus stops, cross walks and other kinds of warning or advisory illuminators in the ground, with minimal cost and almost no disruption to roadway users and pedestrians alike. The new PreCast light lines are designed for 40 years or more of service with no regular maintenance and the capability to withstand fire floods or catastrophic events! Even more remarkable is the fact that the actual lighting elements are fully replaceable without removing lenses or disrupting the fixtures in any way!

Confluence Plaza is a redevelopment in Downtown Fort Collins, CO.

Renderings and Design by BHA Design and Chevo Studios.

Click here to see the product specs and options.